We started this morning at St Anne’s, built at the likely site of Mary’s birth.


Our class sings the Magnificat in front of the sanctuary of St Anne’s.


Trevor Peterson praying in front of the cave where Mary was born.


The Pool of Bethesda, where Jesus healed the man who, for 38 years, was waiting to be healed. This pool is directly beside St Anne’s. The location and timing make it likely that a young Mary knew the crippled man that her son healed many years later!


We bused from Jerusalem to where Jesus was baptized on the River Jordan.

On the banks of the Jordan, Fr Carl led the group in a renewal of baptismal vows. Here, John Rumpza is being blessed by Fr Carl with water from the Jordan.

We then went south to visit the remote fortress King Herod built on the mountain of Masada.

Masada was also a refuge for Jews who rebelled against the Roman Empire. The Romans destroyed the fortress, ending the rebellion. Here men from our group are looking through the breach the Romans made in the wall to conquer the fortress.


Our last stop was Emmaus, the village where Jesus broke bread with two disciples after the resurrection.

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