Tacos and Accompaniment-Reflection 1/8/19

Day 1: 1/8/19

Running low on sleep, the group of Theology II men made it in one piece to the Santa Fe area of Mexico City, nearly everyone droopy-eyed and yawning. Yet as soon as we found our hotel and settled in, we all woke out of our stupor at the excitement of walking the busy streets of this monstrous city to find the best tacos!

A view of our neighborhood at night from the roof of the hotel.

After checking into my room, I approached one of the hotel workers, asking if he could point me to a store that sells sim cards for my phone (so that I can use it here in Mexico). Speaking only in Spanish, it took me a few seconds to realize that he wanted to show me himself; he wanted to accompany me to the store. So, in his nice shoes and suit jacket he took to the streets and guided me along the way. We told each other about our lives and families as we passed tons of little shops and food stands. He pointed out his favorite taco place and also brought me to where the Missionaries of Charity are staying, with whom we will be working this week. The Missionaries of Charity (MC) is the order started by St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Obtaining my new sim card and trying some tacos al pastor (some delicious pork), I joined my brothers in closing the evening with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and a Holy Hour in the M.C. sisters’ chapel.

I thank God for the safety of our travel, for the generosity and smile of my new amigo Oscar, and for the SPS seminary, which has made this adventure possible. I look forward to working with the Missionaries of Charity and ask for your prayers as we begin our service here in Mexico City.

Our Lady of Guadalupe lay your mantle over us, protect us, and pray for us. Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus have Mercy on us!

-Christopher Grow

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