working with the Missionaries of Charity: 1/9-1/10

We’ve had two great days working with the Missionary Sisters and Brothers of Charity. The Sisters here seem to do it all: they run a home for young children and elderly women with disabilities, they distribute food aid they receive in several neighborhoods, they work at the local parish. The brothers, who live a few miles away, run a similar home for men with disabilities.

On Wednesday we started the day with Mass with the Sisters, then split up. A few of us stayed with the Sisters and helped with chores around the house and with taking care of some of the residents in the home. The rest of us took the Sisters’ van and a couple taxis to the Brothers’ home where we got a little tour and then spent the rest of the morning with the men.

On the Sisters’ van
View from a taxi
Playing soccer at the brothers’ home

We had lunch at one of the central markets, then returned to the Sisters’ for adoration. After that we went out with the Sisters to distribute presents and Rosca del Reyes (King Cake) in one of the neighborhood near their home.

Lunch at the market
Adoration with the Sisters

Distributing Epiphany treats with the Sisters.

On Thursday we did more of the same.

We had breakfast after Mass, and then split up to work with the Brothers or Sisters. We weren’t able to take the van this time because of an ongoing gasoline shortage in Mexico City, so the men got on a bus and headed over. The rest of us worked with the sisters doing laundry and prepping a couple small walls for painting.

Breakfast after Mass
Getting very close on the bus
Bill Duffert, the laundry king of Mexico City
Those who stayed at the Sisters were treated to a great lunch.

We finished the day with adoration, and Fr Gallas gave a talk to the Sisters on St Paul’s letter to Philemon. We’re ready to do it all again Friday!

Please remember us in your prayers, and know that we’ll be remembering you!

God bless,

-Jake Epstein

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