Recognizing leadership of Catholic schools as a specialized ministry in the Church, the Institute for Catholic School Leadership provides holistic and integrated formation for those entrusted with the leadership of Catholic schools.  This distinctive formation equips leaders to:

  • Nurture a vibrant Catholic culture.
  • Cultivate spiritual and academic excellence in faculty and students.
  • Apply executive management skills to grow and improve their schools.


The purpose of the Institute for Catholic School Leadership is to:

  • Prepare school leaders with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to transform schools into vibrant faith-learning communities.
  • Develop professional administrative skills needed to run complex, non-profit institutions in the 21st century.
  • Provide resources for current and future pastors who are responsible for Catholic schools.


The mission of the Institute for Catholic School Leadership is to prepare joyful Catholic educational leaders to serve as principals, presidents and other Catholic educational professionals. A fundamental philosophy undergirds the institute’s mission and affirms the Church’s ministry of education by:

  • Advancing the knowledge necessary for creating a Catholic educational community, rooted in excellent academic performance and integrated with a lived faith.
  • Providing the requisite leadership formation opportunities for engaging in the ministry challenges of “teaching as Jesus did.”
  • Assisting to develop a vision that enhances the Catholic school as a faith community for sanctification within the Church and the nation.
  • Integrating a contemplative leadership perspective as the underpinning practitioner leadership model.


The Institute for Catholic School Leadership serves all those entrusted with the governance and administration of Catholic schools. Our intended audience includes:

  • Catholic school teachers, who aspire to move into leadership positions, and current principals in the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, the upper-Midwest, and beyond.
  • Members of religious orders whose primary apostolate is teaching in Catholic schools.
  • Pastors responsible for the governance of Catholic schools.

Individuals who recognize the advantage of additional formation would be particularly enriched by the Certificate in Catholic School Leadership program. Educators who hold degrees in administration from a secular institution or a Master of Arts Degree outside of educational administration/leadership would find the Institute’s distinctive formation beneficial in order to assume leadership of a Catholic school.

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