Founding Director

Founding Director, Dr. Merylann “Mimi” J. Schuttloffel, Ph.D.

The Institute for Catholic School Leadership is blessed to have had Dr. Mimi Schuttloffel as the founding director of the program. Bringing more than 40 years of Catholic parish, school, and research experience to the development of the program, Dr. Schuttloffel worked collaboratively with a dedicated team to establish a foundation of faith, contemplation, and excellence.

Dr. Schuttloffel explained, “Priestly formation includes human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral dimensions. I believe that Catholic school leaders also benefit from formation in each of these areas. Drawing on the definition of pastoral formation from the document Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord, school leaders require a variety of knowledge and skills including: to form others in the faith, to lead community prayer, to communicate with families, to collaborate and manage conflict with and between others, to address special educational, cultural and language needs, and executive skills directly related to the management of a school (finance, marketing, advancement, legal issues). In addition, through [the Catholic School Leadership summer] residency program, the human needs of Catholic school leaders will explore the skills to balance their personal and professional lives in spite of multiple high expectations.”

The Catholic School Leadership graduate certificate program builds upon this foundation of faith, contemplation, and excellence to prepare Catholic school leaders and aspiring leaders to direct their schools with a strong conviction in their Catholic faith while attaining excellence in the holistic vision that is Catholic education.

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