Message from the Director

The Institute for Catholic Theological Formation (ICTF) promotes theological research and learning through conferences, seminars, lectures, publications, and other activities related to the mission of the seminary. The institute grew out of the seminary’s former Institute for Theological Research, with an expanded mandate and increased funding. It provides venues for our own faculty to share their research and for visiting scholars to enrich seminarians and professors alike.

Three endowments fund the ICTF, two of which began as separate institutes. The Monsignor Jerome D. Quinn Endowment for Biblical Studies has been advancing its mission through conferences and other means since 2008 and will continue to do so within the ICTF. The Archbishop Flynn Endowment for Homiletics, likewise, will continue its mission within the ICTF. The third and newest source of funding, The Ann and Louis Stromberg Visiting Scholars Endowment, allows The Saint Paul Seminary to bring notable scholars to our campus.

Father Kevin Zilverberg

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