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Priests for today: How the seminary prepares future shepherds for a complicated world

Brushing up on Johnny Cash may not sound like standard seminarian training, but that’s exactly what Nick Vance found himself doing this past summer.
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catholic priests seminar

Ordination is just the beginning: Providing crucial support when priests are spread thin

The Saint Paul Seminary's Institute for Ongoing Clergy Formation was founded in 2015 to support priests and deacons in active ministry through a variety of retreats, workshops and counseling services.
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From the Rector: Preparing seminarians for today’s culture

Grounded in Christ’s own charity, our seminarians learn how to encounter others, making a human connection then serving as a bridge to Our Lord.
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Janet Gould saint paul seminary

Meet Janet Gould, the woman who spent nearly four decades helping Saint Paul Seminary rectors keep their heads on straight

Almost 40 years. Five rectors. Close to 500 ordinations. Former administrative assistant to the rector  Janet Gould saw just about everything while working at the seminary from 1984-2022.
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Seminary alum has spent more than 50 years ministering to those in prison, minority communities

The 2022 Saint Paul Seminary Distinguished Alumni Award recipient has spent more than five decades bringing Christ to those considered to be on the margins of society.
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