Fall Ireland Lecture Link

The Fall 2020 Ireland Lecture was recorded and can now be viewed here.

Progressivism, Patriotism, and Patriarchy: Competing Identities in Post-Liberal America

Presented by Mr. Jason Adkins, Executive Director of the Minnesota Catholic Conference and Visiting Scholar (Fall 2020)

Identity politics is increasingly dominant in our fractured republic.  The competing identities are often irreconcilable—with differences that lead, in some instances, to violent conflict. How has respect for genuine pluralism and the common good continued to wane? On what basis can we establish social peace and potentially re-invigorate the American experiment in ordered liberty?  The answer is at the heart of the Catholic faith and its social doctrine:  rediscovering our common identity as children of the Father, who art in heaven.

The Ireland Library lecture series highlights The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity faculty and invited guests in their presentation of academic work. Transcripts and recording of these presentations are available through the Archbishop Ireland Memorial Library.

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