Inspiring a robust intellectual culture: The Saint Paul Seminary Press

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to translate Latin, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Greek, Hebrew or Portuguese, Fr. Kevin Zilverberg is your guy.

Not only can The Saint Paul Seminary assistant professor of sacred scripture understand all of those languages with great specificity; he also uses those gifts to dive deep into scriptural and theological research and analysis. Maybe that is why Rector Fr. Joseph Taphorn found Zilverberg to be exactly the right person to head up the newly-launched Saint Paul Seminary Press.

The press, which published its first book in April of 2021, aims to release publications that engage and advance the scholarly discussion on theological topics, an endeavor near and dear to Father Zilverberg’s heart.

“My favorite part about this work is when people tell me they have benefitted from our publications,” he said.

One of those people is Dr. Kelly Anderson, associate professor of Biblical studies at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia, who uses one of the newly released books to teach her foundational course in sacred scripture.

“Saint Paul Seminary Press provides solid content from expert Catholic thinkers whose writings can be utilized to instruct the ignorant, counsel the doubtful and bring to light those in darkness,” she said. “This exciting and providential initiative will bless many Catholics as they journey in faith.”

As of printing time, SPS Press has published five books, including: “The Revelation of Your Words: The New Evangelization and the Role of the Seminary Professor of Sacred Scripture,” “Piercing the Clouds: Lectio Divina and Preparation for Ministry,” and “In the School of the Word: Biblical Interpretation from the New to the Old Testament.”

“It’s important to have a robust offering for intellectual formation as part of the overall endeavor of formation,” Zilverberg said. “We’re providing materials for scriptural professors who are forming future preachers of the word of God.”

And while the Church has a rich history of scriptural study, Zilverberg is keenly aware of the importance of expanding on what has already been interpreted.

“Just think of the advances by Saint John Paul II in his articulation of Theology of the Body and how many people have been blessed to hear that teaching and live by it,” Zilverberg said. “We’re so enriched by the ongoing intellectual endeavor of theological research, and publishing, which equips us to proclaim the Gospel to our age. If we ever cease to carry out theological research and publishing, we will lack the resources necessary to train our leaders to preach the Gospel.”

Saint Paul Seminary Press has partnered with the Catholic University of America Press in Washington. CUAP serves as the distributor for SPS Press’ books. Those interested in learning more or ordering books can visit

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