Faculty & Staff

Rev. Joseph Taphorn, J.C.L.
Taphorn JCL, Rev. JosephRector and Vice President, The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity (2019)(651) 962-5052
Rev. Scott Carl, S.S.L.
Carl S.S.L., Rev. Scott M.Vice Rector and Associate Professor of Sacred Scripture (2004)(651) 962-5776
Rev. John P. Floeder
Floeder S.T.L., Rev. John P.Director of the Propaedeutic Year and Director of Human Formation (2010)(651) 962-5029
John Froula, Ph.D.
Froula Ph.D., JohnAssociate Professor of Dogmatic Theology (2014) and Director, Master of Arts in Pastoral Leadership(651) 962-5083
Gallas S.T.L., Rev. John
Gallas S.T.L., Rev. JohnDirector of the Pre-Theology Program and Instructor of Sacred Theology (2018)(651) 962-5055
Rev. Stephen Gideon
Gideon, Msgr. Stephen G.Director of Worship, Instructor of Liturgical Theology, and Formation Director for Seminarians(651) 962-5057
Rev. Jeffrey H. Huard
Huard, Rev. Jeffrey H.Spiritual Director (2009)(651) 962-5073
Rev. Evan Koop
Koop S.T.L., Rev. Evan S.Dean of Men and Instructor of Dogmatic Theology (2016)(651) 962-5076
Rev. Michael J. Monshau, O.P.
Monshau O.P., Rev. Michael J.Professor of Homiletics (2019)(651) 962-5089
Msgr. Steven Rohlfs, S.T.D.
Rohlfs S.T.D., Msgr. StevenSpiritual Director (2015)
Rev. Michael Skluzacek
Skluzacek, Rev. MichaelDirector of Pastoral Formation (2019)(651) 962-5968
Kenneth D. Snyder, Ph.D.
Snyder Ph.D., Kenneth D.Associate Academic Dean (2002)(651) 962-5058
William B. Stevenson, Ph.D.
Stevenson Ph.D., William B.Associate Dean (2014)(651) 962-5772
Christopher J. Thompson, Ph.D.
Thompson Ph.D., Christopher J.Academic Dean, Professor of Moral Theology, and Director of the Institute for Theological Research (2006)(651) 962-5771
Rev. Jon Vander Ploeg
Vander Ploeg, Rev. JonDirector of Spiritual Formation (2019)(651) 962-5784
Wanless, Dr. Brandon
Wanless Ph.D., Brandon L.Assistant Professor of Dogmatic Theology (2022)(651) 962-5061
Christian D. Washburn, Ph.D.
Washburn Ph.D., Christian D.Professor of Dogmatic Theology (2008)(651) 962-5792
Rev. Kevin Zilverberg, S.S.D. (Cand.)
Zilverberg S.S.D., Rev. KevinAssistant Professor of Sacred Scripture and Director of the Institute for Catholic Theological Formation (2014)(651) 962-5068
Zolnick M.M., Elena BirdDirector of Sacred Music (2022)(651) 962-5779
Adkins, JasonAdjunct Instructor(651) 962-5797 (Faculty Support)
Carpenter Ph.D., BernardAdjunct Instructor(651) 962-5797 (Faculty Support)
Combs O.P., Rev. TimothyAdjunct Faculty(651) 962-5324
Ennis, JamesAdjunct Instructor(651) 962-5956
Ferdinandt Ph.D., KevinAdjunct Instructor
Frost Ph.D., GloriaProfessor of Philosophy(651) 962-5352
Grant Ph.D., KristenAdjunct Instructor(651) 962-5797 (Faculty Support)
Grant, W. MatthewsProfessor of Philosophy(651) 962-5345
Hagan, Rev. Byron(651) 962-5797 (Faculty Support)
Hippler Ph.D., ArthurAdjunct Instructor(651) 962-5797 (Faculty Support)
McInroy Th.D., MarkAssociate Professor of Theology(651) 962-5315
Naughton Ph.D., Michael J.Director, Center for Catholic Studies; Koch Chair in Catholic Studies; Professor of Catholic Studies(651) 962-5712
Niskanen Ph.D., PaulProfessor of Theology(651) 962-5313
Rolnick Ph.D., PhilipProfessor of Theology(651) 962-5319
Rossotti, Rev. PietroAdjunct Instructor(651) 962-5797 (Faculty Support)
Spencer Ph.D., MarkAssociate Professor(651) 962-5344
Van Sloun, Rev. MichaelAdjunct Instructor(651) 962-5797 (Faculty Support)


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