Vision and Mission

The Saint Paul Seminary’s Vision

The Church on fire with the Holy Spirit, a world transformed in Jesus Christ.

The Saint Paul Seminary’s Mission

To provide integrated, Catholic formation for those called to serve as priests, deacons or lay leaders in their local Church.

The Saint Paul Seminary’s Core Values

Charity: Faithful to Christ’s new commandment, we seek first the good of the other.

Truth: As the human heart and mind are ordered toward truth, we seek to be honest in both deeds and words.

Fidelity: We joyfully profess the truths of the Catholic faith and embrace her disciplines as authentically interpreted by the Church’s magisterium.

Zeal: We are passionate about our mission and eager to form clergy and lay leaders.

Authentically Human: Grateful for creation and our humanity, we desire the fullness of life and joy.

Meet your future priests!

Meet a new seminarian each month + get an inside peek into life at the seminary

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