School of Prayer

A Formation Program for Graduates of the Catechetical Institute

The School of Prayer is a one-year (two-module) serious commitment for graduates of the two-year Catechetical Institute Pillars Program in which students intently dedicate themselves to grow in holiness by deepening their knowledge and experience of prayer and the spiritual life. The next course is scheduled to begin in January 2025.

School of Prayer students commit to attending:

  • Two modules, 10 classes each.
  • An Evening of Reflection.
  • A Day of Reflection.
  • 3-day silent retreat.

School of Prayer students make a commitment to:

  • Half hour (minimum) of silent prayer each day using directives given in weekly lessons.
  • Weekly spiritual reading and assigned reading on prayer.
  • Daily journaling.

The lessons provide sound, practical direction about how to encounter the Lord in daily prayer and a 'roadmap' for the spiritual life, based on the wisdom and experience of the Church handed down through Sacred Scripture, magisterial teachings, saints, fathers, and doctors of the Church on the spiritual life.

  • Tuition is $600 (includes both modules)
  • Students are responsible for cost of 3-day silent retreat and text books
  • Classes held at The Saint Paul Seminary campus

The course is limited to 100 students.


Email or call 651-962-5072

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