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deacon kyle etzel saint paul seminary

Fr. Kyle Etzel


"I have had ample opportunity to experience the wide range of applications of pastoral charity: significant time in a local parish under the guidance of a seasoned pastor, intense immersion in a major county hospital and exposure to the Latino Catholic community. I couldn’t be prouder to be a son of The Saint Paul Seminary and I’m grateful to God for the evident guidance of the Holy Spirit in the work being done here.”

doug milroy saint paul seminary donor

Doug Milroy


"I have a much deeper prayer life, much richer understanding of the Church and the priesthood, and more clergy as friends, which has been a great grace for me.”

claire saint paul seminary school of divinity student 200x200

Claire Jensen

Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity student

“I can't take notes fast enough in all of my courses. … I feel like everyone should learn this. I ask myself a lot, ‘How can I be Catholic and not have known this?’ I didn't know the Church had so many answers to so many specific things.”

fr jason kern winona rochester

Fr. Jason Kern

Director of Vocations, Diocese of Winona-Rochester

"At The Saint Paul Seminary, I can see the trajectory of our men growing closer to Christ. It’s a place that our men understand and that understands our men. It’s a place where we felt like the men would be known but still be receiving orthodox formation that’s faithful to the Church and the Magisterium."

archbishop bernard hebda

Archbishop Bernard Hebda

Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis

"Even as our world continues to deal with challenges no previous generation has faced, I am evermore gratified and inspired by our seminarians currently preparing for the priesthood. The struggles of this current age require little to no introduction, but the solutions start right here in the Twin Cities. They come in the form of our priests, deacons and lay leaders who are being formed at The Saint Paul Seminary."

andy renier testimonial

Andy Renier


“What I have enjoyed most about the [propaedeutic stage] is the detachment from all my media devices. It has taught me how busy and noisy the world is, and what a gift it has been to turn off the world’s noise from entering my heart and fill it with holy silence.”

linda harmon catechetical institute

Linda Harmon

Catechetical Institute graduate

"It helped me fall in love with what I didn't know. You can't love something unless you know it."

john westerhaus donor testimonial

Jon Westerhaus

Benefactor, Trustee

"There are two overwhelming components that I reflect on from the results of The Saint Paul Seminary that have made an impact, and one is gratitude. ... [It's] just so important, the roles of priests in our lives, deacons, our Catholic schools -- it's all tremendous. The next one is a fruit of the Holy Spirit: joy.

"It's a privilege to be associated and affiliated and being part of the graces that have been here."

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