The Saint Paul Seminary is a regional center of formation for Catholics, including seminarians, diaconate candidates, lay ministers, theologians, Catholic school leaders and clergy.

We are Joyful: We radiate a deep, abiding joy that flows from the lived Gospel, a certainty of God’s love and a gratitude for the opportunity to learn and serve the Body of Christ. That joy is the unmistakable sign of the presence of God – and it makes the ultimate witness.

We are Catholic: We impart the full deposit of the faith – a rock-solid foundation for an age of relativism – nurturing Catholics who are grounded in tradition and steeped in the sacraments.

We are Leaders: We train for servant leadership. Our graduates lead with humility, kindness and courage. They are prepared to make hard choices with sensitivity and clarity of mission. They are the kind of leaders who lift others up along the way.

Never has the Church been in greater need of joyful Catholic leaders to inspire and instruct, building the kingdom of God in every corner. The Saint Paul Seminary is a powerful antidote to our troubled times. Here in this courtyard, in these chapels and in these classrooms, you can see the future Church. The result: It draws you in and fills you with hope – whoever you are, wherever you are in your spiritual journey.

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