Catechetical Institute graduate: ‘Two weeks into the program, my life was changed’

catechetical institute graduate mirla conlon with bishop joseph williams
Mirla Conlon said her whole life changed two weeks into attending The Saint Paul Seminary Catechetical Institute’s Pillars Program.

When Mirla Conlon’s mentor asked her to join The Saint Paul Seminary Catechetical Institute Pillars Program, Conlon’s initial response was, in her words, “no way!” After some persistence, Conlon eventually agreed to try for one month and if she didn’t like it, she would quit.

“Deep down, I always wanted to participate, but I was afraid I was not qualified to attend because English is not my first language,” Conlon said. “I thought it would be too academic for me.

“Two weeks into the program, my life was changed.”

Two things stuck with her after graduating, she said.

  • “Realizing the history of the economy of our salvation and how, despite our sinfulness, failures, and unfaithfulness to God, He continues faithfully pursuing us to draw us to him, to the point of humbling himself by becoming one of us and die on the cross.”
  • “To realize God had a plan for the Church from the beginning of time, which came to fruition with Jesus Christ and his Apostles. God’s faithfulness remains with us to this day. Those two experiences continue to blow my mind when I think about them.”

“I fell head over heels in love with my faith yet again,” Conlon said.

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