Joyful Catholic Leaders Show: The countercultural choice to pursue the priesthood

Why would a young, outgoing guy ever willingly choose to pursue a life of celibacy and simplicity? For Deacon Mike Selenski, a seminarian set for ordination in the spring of 2022, the better question is “who.”

Our conversation with Selenski dives into why he chose to enter major seminary, what life has been like at The Saint Paul Seminary during the pandemic, and how Catholics can be joyful during a time that’s fraught with challenges. Deacon Mike also delves into his interests outside of priestly formation, including cooking, sports and spending quality time with fellow future priests.

Produced by The Saint Paul Seminary, the Joyful Catholic Leaders Show shares stories and insights from those who lead with faith — from the seminary, to the parish, to the classroom, to the office, to the sports field and everywhere in between.

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