Lay Student Spotlight: Meet Kevin McCaffrey

kevin mccaffrey catholic school leadership student
Kevin McCaffrey is a current participant in The Saint Paul Seminary’s Certificate in Catholic School Leadership program.

Every so often, The Saint Paul Seminary highlights different students participating in one of The Saint Paul Seminary’s lay graduate programs or institutes. Today, we highlight Kevin McCaffrey, a candidate for the seminary’s Certificate in Catholic School Leadership.

Name: Kevin McCaffrey

Hometown: Apple Valley, CA in the Mojave Desert.

Program: Certificate in Catholic School Leadership

Where do you teach?
I teach Latin at Epiphany Catholic School in Coon Rapids.

What area of education most interests you?
Classical education in Catholic schools.

How did you discover your call to be an educator?
Even when I was quite young, I knew that I had a natural teaching charism, but I avoided becoming a teacher at first. Seven years ago, I began my first teaching job through which I discovered a love for education and satisfaction in sharing the gifts God has given me.

What can we find you doing on the weekends?
Lately, I have been playing with my kids and listening to podcasts on politics, philosophy, or history while doing work around the house.

Last movie you enjoyed?
“Knives Out” by Rian Johnson is a great modern mystery film with a spectacular ensemble cast. I highly recommend it.

Aquinas or Augustine?
Aquinas. He is the one who showed me the rational foundation for my faith. I also love the story of St. Thomas in a miraculous conversation with the Lord on the crucifix. Jesus asks what Thomas would want as a reward for having written so well of Him, and his answer was, “non nisi te, Domine,” “nothing but you, Lord.” I want to live my life such that I could answer the same.

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