Rector on Saint Paul Seminary 2022 ordination class: ‘Their commitment to serve bodes well’

father joseph taphorn saint paul seminary

A letter from Saint Paul Seminary Rector Fr. Joseph Taphorn regarding the seminary’s 18 alumni ordained this spring and summer:

Dear Friends,

Every spring, we celebrate the ultimate sign of our work as a seminary when we see our seminarians being ordained to the priesthood. What a joy! I give thanks to God for the 18 men who are among the newest priests in the Church. They come from eight different Midwestern dioceses, part of a healthy overall seminarian enrollment here.

What makes this class unique? While these men share many things in common, it is a particular blessing to see each one’s gifts and talents being used for the Kingdom of God. That is part of our work of priestly formation here — to help each man come fully alive in Christ according to the natural and supernatural gifts that God has given to him (cf. John 10:10). Fr. Rodrigo Mayorga embodies this growth in formation well.

One thing that strikes me about this group is its charism of service. Some of them grew up working hard on the farm. Others love to work with their hands, fixing cars or woodworking. All of them go out of their way to help someone in need. Their commitment to serve bodes well for their priestly call to be true shepherds for the flock that will be entrusted to their pastoral care.

We are privileged with the mission to form those called to serve as priests, deacons or lay leaders in their local Church. We also know that we cannot do so without your support and encouragement.

So on behalf of 18 new priests, thank you. They are eager to serve you.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Joseph Taphorn
Rector and Vice President, Saint Paul Seminary

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