Message from the Director

Welcome to the Catholic School Leadership graduate certificate program. It is both an honor and a joy to be a part of this important program. There is no question that we need good Catholic schools. In order to have good Catholic schools, we need strong leaders who are well-formed in the Catholic faith and possess the training, knowledge, and skills necessary to direct their schools with conviction in their Catholic faith while attaining excellence in the holistic vision that defines Catholic education. The Catholic School Leadership graduate certificate program provides Catholic school leaders and aspiring leaders the necessary formation, training, and resources to succeed in their mission to form the whole person while leading students to Christ.

My experience in Catholic faith formation, Catholic home education, traditional Catholic school education, and graduate and doctoral-level research and degrees allows me to understand and support Catholic education in all of its forms. Having served in the Church my entire adult life as a catechist, speaker, author, educator, school leader, and Benedictine oblate, I am excited to direct the Catholic School Leadership graduate certificate program. What impresses me most about this program includes:

  1. The program’s commitment to the Catholic faith in both practice and instruction
  2. The program’s commitment to Catholic contemplative and practical leadership development
  3. The program’s commitment to forming a community of Catholic education professionals who are seeking excellence and supportive of one another

If you are a Catholic school educator or administrator, I hope that you will consider participating in this valuable and enriching program.

God bless you.
Pamela Patnode, Ed.D., OblSB

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