Saint Paul Seminary

The Saint Paul Seminary develops the next generation of Church leaders through formation of men for the priesthood of the Roman Catholic Church. Through the sacrament of Holy Orders, these men are formed as missionary disciples to lead and serve God’s people.

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Priests for today: How the seminary prepares future shepherds for a complicated world

Brushing up on Johnny Cash may not sound like standard seminarian training, but that’s exactly what Nick Vance found himself doing this past summer.

Watch: Seminary formation isn’t just about ‘studying’ to be a priest

Rector Father Joseph Taphorn was gives an update on the state of the Saint Paul Seminary and explains how formation has changed for the better since he was ordained at the 17th Annual Rector's Dinner.

Professional hockey player or priest? The vocation story of Joshua French

Joshua French was a rising prospect in the hockey world, playing for Minnesota State University. Instead of moving on to higher levels of hockey, he joined The Saint Paul Seminary.
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Priests stand in front of the alter while the closing song plays during the Friends Mass and Breakfast in Saint Mary's Chapel on Sunday, April 22, 2018.

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