Seminaries of Saint Paul to launch new podcast Friday, Nov. 5

introducing joyful catholic leaders show

Now, more than ever, the world is in need of joyful, Catholic leaders.

A new podcast from The Saint Paul Seminary and Saint John Vianney College Seminary — collectively, The Saint Paul Seminary — will feature monthly interviews with some of them. Topics on the “Joyful Catholic Leaders Show” will range from priestly formation at the seminary to lay leadership to the questions and challenges that people of faith face in a secular, relativistic age.

Listeners can download and subscribe on the following platforms:

The first episode, featuring Saint Paul Seminary rector Fr. Joseph Taphorn, will focus on seminary leadership, how to train men for the priesthood in the modern age, and stories from his time in jail for publicly protesting at abortion clinics — among other tales from his three-decade career in pastoral leadership. The show will be posted Friday, Nov. 5.

New episodes will drop each month on the first Friday of the month. Learn more and subscribe at

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